Comfortable Me

Admit it. You love comfort, I love comfort, we all love comfort. There’s nothing better than snuggling up in bed watching a movie on a rainy day, right? I’m not implying its a bad thing either, not at all, but it is a stone hard fact; everyone likes their comfort.

When we do things out of our comfort zone that’s the point in time when things usually spiral downhill. For example if you have never rode a motorbike because you spend all your weekends on your comfy couch then that’s when all hell breaks loose, when you step outside your comfort zone to learn to ride one. We freak out, throw our toys out of the cot, think of the worst that could happen etc. Or a baby that has an experience that is new and uncomfortable for them, that’s when they get overwhelmed. True?

We as humans don’t like the unknowing, we want to know it all, NOW. ¬†Unfortunately if we want to grow, push ourselves, have fun and experience our lives to the full, we have to step outside that feeling of comfort, like it or not.

So how do we do this? The simple answer:  (insert nike catchphrase) The practical answer: trial and error, persistence, hard work, determination, dedication and eyes on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that you so badly want.

You could have all the ideas in the world, the plan all thought of and done; all the numerous steps to take in order to take you where you really want to go, yet your stuck in (phase one ‘planning phase’).

So why do we make these awesome plans, yet jump onto the next thing and cancel our last out as irrelevant. To build a better plan? Yes, that’s what our mind says! But unfortunately half the time it’s really not true. ¬†Could it be procrastination, beating round the bush, driving round the round about, pretending the large pink elephant isn’t in the corner of the room? It may not be, you might be a master planner, a one of a kind who thinks through every detail to come up with the perfect plan and then do a wonderful job of applying this perfect plan to your life, passing with flying colours. You could be, or you could just be avoiding what you actually want or need to do, through convincing yourself that you totally need a specific 18 page detailed plan before you get your butt into gear. Yeah right! You are only fooling yourself, with lots of talk and no action.

What you need to do…

Admit it. You probably don’t need an outrageously detailed plan (or a plan at all) to do what you want/need to do.

Take the next step by looking in to it, the details needed but for real. Not just to browse, not just to ponder on, but to sort out what exactly you will do. Which dance class will you take, what area, how are you going to get there. You need to cancel out the excuses though and keep reminding yourself that you WILL make it work, and you will keep looking to find the right thing without giving up.

Once you’ve found it, do it. Don’t ponder , don’t come up with excuses, just do it. There you go.


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