Food…and our love hate relationship

“Food = comfort, stress release, excitement, flavour, adventure, romance, culture”… Radilaadeda.

Yeaaahhh… But, what about… food=sickness, depression, lack of energy, crappy skin, dehydration and calories.

Unfortunately these two lists don’t intertwine… and unfortunately most people would call bullshit on list 2 (including me) with a shrug of the shoulders.

So you go to a flash restaurant, all excited, in your new dress. While you may have a blast during this experience, what about after, was it all worth it? Did you eat 2 humongous plates of mains, followed by a scrummy  bowl of something that resembles a large chocolate mountain? If you went to the restaurant and back feeling like a million bucks the whole time, with no regrets then honestly don’t waste your time reading this! However, if you make food choices that you constantly regret then maybe you can relate to me.

Now to set the record straight this isn’t over a few calories gained through binge eating, although that’s an aspect of it. It’s about the bigger picture for me, when I eat it affects me deeper, both mentally and physically. See I can eat too much of the good stuff and end up with bed ridden stomach pain, a shitty mindset or the feeling of complete dehydration inside and out. If your are thinking ‘whatevers’ at this point then that’s cool, that’s your opinion, but feeling like shit isn’t good enough in my eyes.

I read in an article at one point this year that food should = fuel. That is one of the most inspirational lines that I have ever laid my eyes upon regarding food, because when you think about it, its so damn true! But the sad thing is society (for the most part) doesn’t have this particular mindset. I am an un-proud former sheep too, so of course I could have never agreed on this. But now I do, and I am happy as hell that I can see this perspective for myself.

So where to next? Everyone eats differently, breakfast-dinner,  and needs different food requirements based on their individual DNA. No one body is the same, therefore there is no one size fits all approach. There might be an energy tonic that everyone raves about, but makes you konk out from. You need to find what’s best for you and generally there’s no magic solution to do this, you really need to get on board with a whole lot of trial and error to successfully determine your own eating plan that you are happy with.


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