Hell Yeah

Even though the song ‘let it go’ from the frozen soundtrack drives me absolutely insane, theres something undeniably powerful
about the message beneath the lyrics.

It sounds so simple, yet many of us struggle with just ‘letting tings go’ and moving on with life. We become so hung up on
the small unimportant aspect of life that sometimes we completely wander from our values,beliefs and individuality. At the
end of the day to stop this negative action all we need to do is call it quits and say goodbye to stuff that reels us away
from the deep meaningful and with substance shit.

When you get lost, go back to your roots, what you know, what you love and what is right. Go back to the time when you were
you without labels, without explanation and most importantly without social pressure. It’s so hard to see the road when its
dark with no streetlamps, but you gotta look hard for the lines and where they lead you. Breathe, sit tight, relax, focus
and enjoy the moment. stop the worry stop the unknowing fear, the blindness, the confusion, the judgement and most importantly
stop being a sheep. Be a lone wolf. A strong lone wolf. Stand up to what you believe in, and own it. All day everyday. Amen.

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