My biz, your biz

So really and truly, how much do you really deeply care about others? How genuine are you in your responses, how well do you listen to their sometimes boring as hell babble, and are you not secretly wishing they would just zip it?

The thing is, we are mostly all guilty of giving a non-authentic generic answer such as “I’m good, you?” and not actually giving a single shit about their response at the end of the day, yeah?

So how the heck can we become so uptight about them, how much they care about us, how ‘fake’ they are, how much time and effort they put into us… etc, etc. It doesn’t add up but yet we are so stuck in our ways of being self centered that it becomes the norm to text and have a conversation with someone. Can anyone really actually multitask though?! Hmmmm….

I challenge myself with this, if I actually want certain people to care about how I feel, then I need to do the exact same thing and start taking responsibility for me, THEN worry about how they treat me. Sometimes the bigger picture is really not focusing on how other people act, it is actually about focusing on yourself, then you will find that others suit, and in turn they will treat you better. Win-Win situation isn’t it??




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